Why you need an Electrical Certificate of Compliance

Every property owner is required by law, to be in possession of a valid Electrical Certificate of Compliance. This document serves to verify that the electrical work and installation on a property has been correctly done and complies with the regulations as laid out by the South African National Standards. Essentially it proves that your buildings are electrically safe.
An Electrical Compliance Certificate is also required should a property incur any damage as a result of an electrical fault. Insurance companies will require this certificate of electrical compliance before they will consider a damage claim.
To obtain an Electrical Certificate of Compliance, you will need to have an inspection done by a qualified electrician. We will issue the compliance certificate if we are satisfied that the electrical installation complies with the SANS. If repairs are to be done in order to bring the electrical installation into compliance, we will submit a quote for such repairs.

Changes to the Electrical Machinery Regulations mean that you also need to have an electric fence compliance certificate for any electric fencing system erected after the 1st of December 2012. These electric fence certificates of compliance can only be obtained from electricians qualified in terms of the new electric fence laws. We will inspect the electric fence and if it complies with the new Electrical Security Installations Regulations (SANS 10222-3:2012), we can then issue the Electric Fence Certificate, or quote on repairs that will bring the fence into compliance.